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Do you carry a story that wants to be written?


Holistic COACHING 

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What is a writing coach?
A writing coach is someone who helps you achieve your full writing potential.
Are all coaches the same?
All coaches have their own style. Some yell directions from the sidelines, give detailed feedback for every creative move, and push, push, push. If that's a style you gravitate toward, I'm probably NOT the coach you are looking for.
But if you are looking for a coach that realizes ideas and early drafts are fragile new lives that foremost need nurturing and inspiration, I am absolutely your coach.
Here is a taste of what I offer:
  • Belief that every part of your life affects your writing, thereby helping you navigate roadblocks and discover your unique voice.
  • Insight into creating a writing rhythm that suits your needs and personality. (I use personality theory to help you discover your distinct writing style and specialize in working with Meyers-Briggs INFJs & INFPs, along with HSP.)
  • Personal interest in your plot and characters, so that you discover the heart of your story.
  • Empathy and compassion for you and your process.

Contact me to book a free, short consult and see if coaching might be the support you desire.

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I recommend Mary to anyone searching for that beautiful but rare combination of cheerleader, empathetic listener, brilliant editor, and story-structure genius. She is truly one of the best writing coaches out there. Whenever I send a client her way, it's almost guaranteed I'll get an email back from them soon saying, "She's amazing! I love her!" And all I can say is, "Yup. I told you so."
-Lauren Sapala, The INFJ Writer

Mary ... guided me to create my story in a way that everyone could read, understand and . . . appeal to a wide audience with a positive message. She was patient with me, and after a lot of work, my book has been accepted by a publisher.

I could not have written my story without the person I now consider a friend, Mary Bergida Deluca.

If you want someone to guide you to a higher understanding of the process of writing, editing and story telling, Mary is, simply put, fantastic.  

-Shane O'Brian

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