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 The Present Writer

A 4-Session Live, Online Workshop

Discover the Power

 of Presence

This is a course for both beginner and experienced writers of fiction, poetry, memoir, even graphic novels or screen plays who notice that they struggle to begin projects, explore their imagination, engage deeply with their characters, and understand where they are in the process of birthing a story.

If any of this sounds familiar to you, please scroll down to watch watch a few videos that explore the power of presence in deepening and sustaining your writing practice.




Course Preview Mini-Series

This course is for you if you:

  • Often feel creatively shut-down or overwhelmed by emotion when you try to write.

  • Receive ideas and fragments of images or scenes at random moments and then fear you will lose them.

  • Experience excitement about ideas or characters at first, but later feel like they evade you or feel flat or cliched.

  •  Desire to write in a non-traditional or organic manner, but fear you won't succeed if you do.

  • Struggle with guilt when you don't have a regular writing routine.

If even some of these situations apply, this course will resonate with you!

In this course you will learn to:

  • Explore presence as a tool to deepen your writing practice.

  • Experience new techniques of landscape (physical or emotional) development.

  • Develop personal relationships with your characters (whether they be human or not, fictitious or real.)

  • Become attentively aware of the characteristics of your story's setting.

  • Know when a story (or poem) is fully birthed.

  • Choose a rite of passage to enter into your editing phase.

Live-Online Course Details
  • Dates: 4 SESSIONS - Thursdays, August 6-27
  • Time: 4-5:15 PM-PST
(5-6:15 PM-MST, 6-7:15 PM-cST, 7-8:15 PM-EST) 
  • Pricing:$110 Early-Bird
+ a one-on-one coaching session
OR $150 AFTER 7/21 (course only)
If Price is the only thing holding you back...
I know these are financially difficult times for many people. I'm offering a "Brighter Days" 45% discount for those who need it. Just select this option in registration. Also, billing is available in 2 installations no matter what pricing works for you.
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*No payment due today. Invoices will be sent 2 weeks before the first day of our workshop.

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About the Instructor


After graduating with a degree in English Literature and Writing, Mary Bergida DeLuca taught her first workshop in 2007. In 2015 she completed an MFA in creative writing where she dove deeper into the rhythms of storytelling. More recently she enjoyed five semesters teaching writing and literature courses at the University of Puget Sound. Currently, she has transitioned full-time into her own business as a writing coach and workshop instructor. She resides in Tacoma with her life-partner, an immigrant from Sicily who makes spectacular fresh pasta.

"I recommend Mary to anyone searching for that beautiful but rare combination of cheerleader, empathetic listener, brilliant editor, and story-structure genius." --Lauren Sapala, author of The INFJ Writer

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